S06E11 of Mad Men was great. Words cannot describe the psychological damage that Sally Draper just experience. Actually, Nas expressed similar sentiments pretty eloquently, but technically Don Draper’s philandering predates the birth of hip-hop so it might be hard for her to find solace. On another note three¬† things came to mind while I watched this episode: (1) the above scene reminded me of that really bizarre moment in The Shining (2) once again the symbolism of doors (which has been constant this season) makes its rounds, and (3) who has a bedroom by their kitchen?

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  5. blogkarinecom answered: My goodness
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  9. cloroformo answered: That’s the service beedroom. But yes, whoa.
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  14. jackrosejackrose answered: isn’t is the maid’s room? So of COURSE it would be by the kitchen but still oh my goddddddd
  15. missaliceteeple answered: Oh my god. I thought The Shining, too. There was a very Kubrick-y feel to that scene.
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  18. hamatsa answered: the bedroom by the kitchen was the maid’s room. don and that lady didn’t want to stank up her bedroom with their affair. idk abt the shining.
  19. sdpfeiffy answered: 3) it’s the maid’s room
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  21. thedovahqueen answered: …my parent’s house has the master bedroom by the kitchen. ugh.
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    Ah I knew this was resemblance to something.
  23. thepetitelapine answered: I believe they were in the maid’s room.
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  28. softcommunication answered: Most pre-war apartments in New York (I think their apartment is on 5th Ave.) have a maid’s bedroom off of the kitchen.
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